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Call Me(908) 379-9747


Learn More About Mitchell Beinhaker

Business and legal advice from a reputable local source

Hi, I’m Mitch Beinhaker. I’ve been practicing law in New Jersey for more than 30 years. Now, I’m developing my personal brand for local businesses and individuals to benefit from my expertise in business development, marketing, firm management, and business transactional work.
I love to help local businesses and estates understand New Jersey law's legal limits and expectations, and I hope to help you benefit from my business counsel.
Through my podcast, The Accidental Entrepreneur, along with my speaking engagements, and my published works, my goal is to help empower like-minded businesses and investors to protect their interests and ensure financial success.

Services and Creative Endeavors

I’m more than just a local estate and small business lawyer. I hope to be a free legal resource to my friends and neighbors throughout New Jersey and beyond. Here’s how I hope to help:


Whether by my hand or the pen of another reputable author, I work to connect my audience with valuable written resources covering various business and legal topics.


My podcast guests help me present you with up-to-date information and the tools for success for your new or growing business. 

Speaking engagements

Listen to my discourse as a guest on other podcasts, or hire me for your next seminar, conference, or business workshop. 

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